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Toruń – around sun and planets in Copernicus city.

Being in a city called the Castle of Copernicus, we shouldn’t forget about the achievements of the famous astronomer and the revolution he caused. We invite you not only for a walk through the beautiful old town of Toruń, full of amazing places and history. The most important topic of our tour will be Nicolaus Copernicus. We will inform you a lot about his discovery in the Planetarium in Toruń. According to the guests, this is an obligatory point in the city. The system of projectors placed under the dome of the main building allows you to show stellar constellations and distant galaxies. In the adjacent Geodium you will find an interactive exhibition devoted to the Earth as a Planet and various phenomena occurring on it. Pictured here are: magnetic field, earthquake, convection, Earth's atmosphere, Coriolis effect and many more. Go with us and taste city of Copernicus!


The package includes:

  • four hour guided tour by old city of Toruń

  • ticket for Planetariums

  • tourist guide in English language by all trip

Price: from 159  EUR/ per  person


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