Columna Medica is a fully modern rehabilitation clinic providing services in the field of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and health prophylaxis of diseases of the motor system.


Empathy of a team of specialists combined with knowledge supported by many years of practice in the best foreign medical facilities is a guarantee of a reliable, comprehensive approach to the patient and his speedy recovery. Our main goal is to help you get back to your health quickly. During the entire convalescence process, we care for the satisfaction and satisfaction of our patients. We provide: - individual work of a team of specialists with a patient - a holistic approach to a patient thanks to interdisciplinary medical consultations - modern and effective treatment programs - the most modern rehabilitation equipment in Poland - PREMIUM standard stay conditions In order to provide our patients with perfect conditions for recovery, we work closely with national and foreign scientific institutions.

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Continuous exchange of experiences makes our therapeutic offer based on proven, current medical knowledge that is constantly improved. Thanks to this, we created our model, unique curative programs based on individual work of a patient with a physiotherapist and using innovative computer-assisted training solutions. Thanks to close cooperation with leading research centers, domestic and foreign. We use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Our interdisciplinary team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. State-of-the-art specialized diagnostic devices are the basis for a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the motor system, and also enable control of training progress. Among the performed research it is worth mentioning three-dimensional digital reconstruction of the spine, precise measurement of the strength of specific muscle groups or analysis of the gait stereotype. Top-class devices enable detection and examination of movements in three planes, as well as their precise analysis.

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