Do you want to come to Poland? You’re welcome! Poland is a developing country where most young people speak English. We have many airports, train stations, bus stops and metro stations which sing in that language. Poles are very kind, friendly and welcoming. Let’s see our breathtaking nature, know extraordinary architecture and rich history.

If you decide to visit Poland, plan your trip with us! That's a guide on how to explore Poland.

First thing! How long do you want to stay in Poland?

You have to know if the journey will be long or short. Short visit to Poland it’s less possibilities to experience all the charms of this country. But it will be enough to visit one or two cities. To see the most important attractions, you need at least one week. If you want to see the greatest places in Poland, a good solution will be a two-week holiday.

In spring, summer or winter? When can you come to Poland?

We recommend you to come here between May and September. The weather then is the best - on the outside it’s quite warm. Also, all the touristy places are open. Summertime is from June to September. You can enjoy the sun and local food outdoors. Visiting all museums, restaurants and the most important attractions is easy exactly in summer.

But during the winter there are also many things to visit in Poland. Let’s visit christmas markets and feel the soaking atmosphere. You can also go skiing in the Polish Mountains - Tatry and Zakopane are must have during winter! 

All ways lead to Poland! How to travel?

You can book a flight to Poland. Flights are available from many destinations all around the world. The biggest airport is in Warsaw - Chopin Airport. You can also land in one of 12 international airports in the biggest cities in Poland. We have our national carrier flying - LOT POLISH AIRLINES. By this airline you can fly to Europe and the US.

You can find flights to Poland from: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC.

5 star hotels, guest houses and also hostels or apartments to rent - what about accommodation?

In Poland you can use a lot of places to stay. Stay in 4 and 5 star hotels, guest houses, hostels or apartments to rent. You can also find accommodation on websites like, oraz AirBnB. 

A good idea will stay in eco-friendly farms or houses in remote places in the middle of nowhere. Those places usually offer food from farms made in traditional, polish way. Many hosts speak English, so language isn't a problem. You can feel like a family, a Polish member!

Travel around Poland

It is easy to travel around Poland. You have a lot of possibilities. You can take a flight, go by bus, travel by train or rent a car. 

We recommend traveling by railways or renting a car. Poland Railways are cheap, have fast connections and the whole country is well-covered by train networks. You can also buy tickets online - it’s easy and fast! Traveling by train gives you an opportunity to relax and admire landscapes.

What with renting a car? It’s a huge mobility and independence. You don't have to have an international driver license. Be careful! It is different to drive in Poland then in the US. The average speed on Polish roads is 50km/h. When you drive a car you can also admire amazing views and time to enjoy.

How much is it?

You don’t pay by Euro here. The main currency is Polish Złoty (PLN). It’s around 3 to 4 zł to one US dollar. You can exchange money in Polish “kantor”. You can also pay by credit card almost everywhere.

Accommodation in Poland is at a reasonable price. You can also find a restaurant with traditional food and have dinner for about 10 USD. Let’s see example prices: 

  • cinema - 6 USD
  • double room - 60 USD
  • Happy Meal in McDonald - 3 USD
  • tour with guide - 40 USD

Must have to see!

You will have a chance to see all the best places in Poland! Let’s check our offer: