from 1599 €
7 days

Treatment package


We invite you to take advantage of our seven-day package for patients. We offer an earlier medical consultation: by e-mail and by phone - before your arrival in order to select and propose packages of medical treatments targeted at you. Let us take care of you!

The package price includes :

  • 7 nights
  • HP meals (breakfasts and dinners
  • medical consultation before your arrival (mail + phone consultation)
  • care of a qualified physical therapist / kinesiotherapist
  • 3 treatments a day (18 treatments / week to be selected from the list of treatments
  • 5 x classic massage of the spine
  • 3 sessions in the salt cave
  • 1 Nordic Walking classes (seasonal) / climbing wall / fitness classes and aqua classes to choose from - according to the current schedule of classes
  • 24/7 private concierge help on phone (in english language)
  • 24/7 medical care in case of emergency
  • help with fly reservation
  • transfer from and to the airport (Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow)

List of medical treatments:

  1. Local cryotherapy
  2. Local cryotherapy, instrumental gymnastics after cryotherapy
  3. Individual instrument gymnastics
  4. Supported individual gymnastics
  5. Group gymnastics (spine, cardiological, respiratory, general development)
  6. Cardio device gymnastics

Physical therapy

  1. Ionopheresis
  2. Interdyn
  3. Diadynamics
  4. Currents-Tens
  5. Kotz currents
  6. Trebert's currents
  7. Electroplating
  8. Electrostimulation
  9. Therapuls
  10. Short-wave diathermy
  11. Magnetronic
  12. Laser biostimulation
  13. Galvanoborovine
  14. UV dermatological lamp
  15. Bioptron
  16. Solux
  17. Ultrasound
  18. Brine inhalation
  19. Inhalation with oils, medications
  20. Inhalation of the sinuses


  1. Massage / lymphatic drainage (mechanical) BOA 1 area
  2. Massage / lymphatic drainage (mechanical) BOA 2 areas
  3. Mechanical massage: massage chair
  4. Aquavibron

 Balneological treatments, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy

  1. Gymnastics in the pool
  2. Underwater massage
  3. Pearl bath
  4. Bath in a mud suspension
  5. CO2 bath
  6. Whirlpool massage of the lower limbs
  7. Whirlpool massage of the upper limbs
  8. Hydromassage
  9. Scottish whip
  10. Mud wraps

Additional service:

  • the payment for the treatment stay does not include the costs of pharmacological treatment and diagnostic tests - you can do it at place
  • flights (ask us for organize your fly!)
  • care of an Arabic or English - speaking guardian during hotel check in
  • insurance (no issue - we can take care of it - just contact us!)
  • health resort climatic tax is not included on price - payment at place(1 EUR per day)

Price: from 1.599 EUR / per person (in single room)


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