from 839 €
7 days

7 day stay with a wellness program in Iwonicz - Zdrój

We invite you to Iwonicz Zdrój, one of the oldest Polish spas with over 430 years of tradition, which, apart from the recognized reputation, is famous for its unique, healing microclimate and ecologically clean natural environment. You will find a modern spa and treatment base, very good housing conditions, excellent food, competent and friendly staff. The greatest wealth of Iwonicz Zdrój is healing mineral waters, which are used for inhalation, drinking and bathing treatments, and for the production of Iwoniczanka medicinal salt and cosmetics with the "Iwoniczanka" label.

A visit to Iwonicz is a unique opportunity to combine treatment, prophylaxis, active rest with biological regeneration and physical rehabilitation. The high level of our services has been confirmed by many awards and distinctions.

This program is intended for people who are exhausted or in a state of constant stress / work overload /, with minor ailments - not requiring medical assistance. Its aim is active rest, strengthening the immune system of the body and, as a result, improving physical and mental performance, and a beautiful and healthy body. The plan of the program is based on specialized spa treatments supplemented with facial cosmetic treatments.

The package includes:

  • accommodation (6 nights),
  • full board (3 meals a day)
  • 24-hour medical and nursing care
  • 1x - body peeling,
  • 2x - underwater massage,
  • 2x - whirlpool bath,
  • 3x - phytomineral body treatment,
  • 2x - cosmetic massage,
  • 1x - relaxing full body massage,
  • 1x - relaxing massage of the face, neck and cleavage,
  • 3x - gymnastics in the pool,
  • 3x - a session in a salt cave,
  • 2x - aromatherapy - "fragrant relaxation"
  • 80 minutes of exercises on rehabilitation beds
  • 24/7 private concierge help on phone (in English language)
  • 24/7 medical care in case of emergency
  • help with fly reservation
  • transfer from and to the airport (Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow)

Additional service:

  • the payment for the treatment stay does not include the costs of pharmacological treatment and diagnostic tests - you can do it at place
  • care of an Arabic or English - speaking guardian during medical consultation
  • flights (ask us for organize your fly!)
  • insurance (no issue - we can take care of it - just contact us!)
  • health resort climatic tax is not included on price - payment at place(1 EUR per day)


Price: from 839  EUR / per person (in single room)



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