The Gizinscy Medical Center is one of the best private medical facilities in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. It offers a number of specialists and surgical procedures.

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When over 20 years ago we opened a private psychiatric office and in a short time a paediatric-laryngology counselling centre, we put into use the first Polish regulations that allowed physicians to take up a standalone initiative. Owing to that, today we have a vast experience in the non-public medical sector.

We began with a single office at Sułkowskiego Street in Bielawy housing estate. In the 1990s, we moved at Kościuszki Street in the City Centre. Thanks to improved conditions, we could open there over a dozen of offices and treatment rooms.

Working at the very same time in the public health care, university, as well as state and local administration, all the time we were striving to make the simplest and yet the most effective solutions. We employed all our experiences and thoughts when moving the Gizińscy Medical Centre to the new seat at Leśna Street. Only now can we say, that we do run a cutting-edge clinic with numerous offices and counselling centres, hospital departments, treatment and operating rooms

With the above in mind, we can say, that the Gizińscy Medical Centre is all the more a family enterprise. Together, we focus on a wide variety of services, professional approach and comfort. All that to make our patients walk out our clinic content and with a sense of received help. Owing to their opinions, the functioning of the centre is ever improving. Each day we make our effort to let the Gizińscy Medical Centre develop and grow for the better, so that it could meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

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